Jean-Philippe Casanova

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General Secretary


Henry CAUBRIERE is the current Secretary General of the French Federation of Maritime Pilots.

He was born in Honfleur (14) in 1965, has been married since 1990 and has three children.

He studied in the National School of the Merchant Navy (now ENSM) he joined in 1983 (promotion Thalassa).

He was licensed 1st Class Captain of Maritime Navigation (C1NM) in 1994 and performed most of his navigation on classic cargo ships, car ferries and cruise ships.
He also sailed on tankers, and commanded a heavy lift cargo ship.

He performed his military service in the French Navy, on the BISM Triton (based in Toulon) between 1987 and 1988.

He became maritime pilot of Le Havre/ Antifer / Fécamp Pilot Station in 1999.
After having participated in the realization of the pilots manouvring simulator, he held the positions of head of the navigation and workshop personnel, head of the helicopter service and vice president.

He was elected Secretary General of the FFPM in 2020.

Lawyer, Fédération's legal department



Executive assistant

Antonella VALLEE


Quality system ISO 9001-2015 manager


David TOULLALAN is the current Head of Quality Assurance of the Fédération Françaises des Pilotes Maritimes

He was born in Falaise (14) in 1970, married in 1997 and has two children.

He came from the École Nationale de la Marine Marchande (now E.N.S.M.) which he integrated in Le Havre in 1989. Licensed as Master of the 1st Class of Marine Navigation (C1NM) in 1999, he made his deep-sea navigation on container ships, bulk carriers and seismic vessels and then on ferries where he was master.

He performed his military service on a minehunter in Brest between 1994 and 1995.

In November 2001, he became the Maritime Pilot of the Seine Rouen Caen Dieppe station. After holding various positions within his station, he was elected Pilot Major from 2009 to 2013.

He was also commissioned in 2008 to be pilot at the Tréport station.

In parallel to his core business, he was able to make the most of his DEA in Maritime Law (now Master 2) by being a consular judge at the Tribunal de Commerce de Rouen where he officiated as an assessor judge and then a presiding judge from 2013 to 2020.

Pierre Castetz
Webmaster, Extranet Manager