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23th Congress of the IMPA at SEOUL : Jean-Philippe Casanova elected Vice-Président

France maintains its ongoing involvement in the International Maritime Organization Association :
Our colleague Jean-Philippe Casanova, Maritime Pilote at Marseille-Fos Pilot Station had been elected Vice-President of IMPA this Monday, September 25, 2016, during the first day of the 23 th Congress of the Organization of the International Maritime Pilotage (International maritime Pilots Association), held this year in South Korea, Seoul.
Jean-Philippe Casanova replaces Frédéric MONCANY de SAINT AIGNAN, who held that position for 6 years.
Jean Philippe, Congratulations for this new function and your involvement at the highest level of our profession.
The official press release behind : communique-de-presse-ffpm-20160927

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